Monday, March 24, 2008

That transitional period. Jesse McCartney

Oh that transitional period for young stars. Jesse McCartney has been filling up pages of teen magazines for the last few years. His appearances are starting to be less frequent. No longer able to play the teen on a WB drama, or draw the 12 year old girls into concerts, McCartney is in that stage where he has to grow up and try to find an audience beyond his old fan base. Oh how Hollywood is riddled with actors and singers who were unable to make that change. They either went into other area's of the business (ala 70's Shaun Cassidy, who was the biggest star around for about 3 years, then nothing), or they leave Hollywood unable to find work, or the saddest, the stick around Hollywood, taking gigs on reality television and spend most of their earnings on drugs. There are a few who make it past this awkward stage to become stars as adults, but the list is short. Here are some pics from Jesse's newest music video. Wonder who he is trying to draw in with this video...

Photo's via Just Jared

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