Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CNN MEN: Lets not forget

Lets not forget Thomas Roberts, although he did not stick around CNN long, he was great eye candy. The openly gay anchor left CNN in May of last year.

And What About:

So...where’s Anderson Cooper...well not on my list. I had great respect for Anderson when he was a reporter, covering the war, and his amazing coverage of Katrina. Since he started Anderson Cooper 350, Cooper has went from serious news man to the CNN late night version of Regis Philbin. His current role is more of a tv personality than reporter and he has become quite annoying. If he is Regis, then Erica Hill certainly is his Kelly, or more accurate, Kathie Lee. I find it inappropriate and off putting to be watching a story on the death toll in Iraq or a devastating flood only for them to abruptly transition into their silly banter about some funny picture or trivial matter. I am sure much of this is the producers decision, but it has diminished Anderson’s credibility in my eyes.

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