Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol: Who is going tonight?

I love when American Idol does Broadway. It really makes or breaks some singers. Last night was not directly Broadway, but it was Andrew Lloyd Webber. Most did well except poor Jason who did not do himself any favors by chosing Memories. With a song book as huge as that of ALW, why he chose most likely his best known song is a mystery to me. Jason will I believe be saved by his fan base and my gut says Brooke is going, I could be wrong. It is possible another female could bite the dust, most likely Syesha, but I think it will be Brooke. I think that will be too bad as although Carly and Syesha out sang her, I thought Brooke does something many others do not do, which is show true emotion in her singing every week. Yes, sometimes her always 'on the verge of tears' can be annoying, I actually thought her performance last night was one of the best, truly performing the song as it would be on a Broadway or London Stage. If I had my way, David Archuleta would go home tonight. I have said it before, I don't get his appeal. Yes he sang well, he always does, but yet I find him like white bread, bland and boring. Always good, but no real drama or passion in his songs. He will survive though, his fan base is too large.

Just another shirtless Jason, no reason...

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